Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD Review: Tango From Bucharest, Romania

Oana Catalina Chitu
Bucharest Tango

Bucharest Tango is a 2008 release of Oana Catalina Chitu's resurrection of classic folk ballads of tango songs from 1913-1963. Of course, tango music is normally frenetic, and Oana's music is no different. Still, there are some slower moments indicative of a sultry, lounge club. Nonetheless, there are hints of Klezmer, Balkan, Mediterrean, and South American influences. There are some very skilled virtuosos on violin and cymbalom which are well worth a listen. Instruments include violin, cymbalom, guitar, double bass, sax, clarinet, and accordion. There is always room for another tango album in your collection, and Bucharest Tango belongs at the top! Liner notes include lyrics in Romanian and English. ~ Matthew Forss

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