Monday, August 10, 2009

Oysterband: A Pearl of a Performance

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Oysterband is a legendary band on the international folk music scene. Steeped in the traditional music of Britain, Oysterband has endured numerous changes in both personnel and style over the band's 30-odd year history. Currently, Oysterband could best be described as folk-rock, but with many layers of roots in music from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and throughout the UK.

Still actively recording and touring, the band was in Edmonton this past weekend for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Performing on the Saturday afternoon main stage, Oysterband was in fine form. Smooth music, clear vocals, and an engaging stage presence had the crowd captivated.

Oysterband has been reaching a new audience in recent years. Some of their songs have taken a political direction and has put them in solidarity with fellow British musicians Chumbawumba (who were performing acoustically throughout the festival as well). The two bands have performed and recorded together on numerous occasions.

The band's latest album is entitled The Oxford Girl & Other Stories and contains stripped-down re-recordings of some of the bands favourite songs from throughout its 30 year history. Lead singer John Jones also recently put out a solo recording called Rising Road. ~ Paula E. Kirman

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