Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CD Review: Northern Melodies by Eskil Romme and Friends


Himmerlandsmelodier is named by the location 'Himmerland'--a district of northeastern Jutland, Denmark. 'Melodier' connotes the musical 'melody' portion of the title. Eskil plays soprano sax, and is joined by the UK's Karen Tweed (accordion), Ghana's Ayi Solomon (percussion), Poland's Andrzej Krejniuk (bass), and Denmark's Ditte Fromseier (violin), Morten Alfred Hoirup (guitar) and Peter Rosendal (piano). The album is entirely instrumental. Almost every instrument shares the spotlight from time to time. The sounds of the violin, sax and accordion dance effortlessly, as if entwined, throughout the title track, 'Spring Peace'. The songs are not defined by any one genre, but they definitely possess a cozy, down-home feel. This is music with substance, originality, and fluidity. Make Himmerlandsmelodier a part of your life today! Song titles in Danish and English are included. ~ Matthew Forss

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