Friday, March 26, 2010

CD Review: ElectroDunes "Saharian Vibes"

Saharian Vibes

ElectroDunes' 2006 release, Saharian Vibes, is a global dub-beat adventure with a laid-back reggae-inspired groove with the sounds of French and North African influences. This is the electronic sound sweeping the European and African continents. There is a mix of lounge, downtempo, trip hop, dub, and electronica with Arabic vocals throughout. This is not a rai or traditional folk album. Saharian Vibes is the soundtrack for life in France and North Africa. In fact, many of the songs are perfect beats for an urban film score. Nine tracks of instrumental and vocal tunes are included. If you are into dub-reggae, electronica, trip hop, downtempo, lounge, French, or North African music, then Saharian Vibes should be on your radar. ~ Matthew Forss

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