Sunday, March 28, 2010

CD Review: Sa Dingding's "Harmony"


The Chinese and Mongolian-influenced Sa Dingding is no stranger to musical success. Her previous album, Alive (2007), was a preview of things to come. Harmony is an extension of Alive and is the product of Sa Dingding's musical maturity. The incorporation of contemporary beats with traditional instrumentation give Harmony a richly-textured musical adventure. The fairly polished production is similar in tone to what Te Vaka did for the South Pacific, or what Huun Huur Tu did for Mongolia. Harmony is a mix of global pop, electronica, fusion, and dance music. There is no void of catchy 'harmonies' as well. Though not for the ethnic purists, Harmony is one of those albums that reveals more of itself with each listen. Sa Dingding sings in Mandarin, Sanskrit, English, and her own self-created language. Most of the songs contain liner notes in English. Great job...again! ~ Matthew Forss

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