Friday, December 17, 2010

CD Review: Robert A. Wolf's 'Krakatoa'


Indiana's Robert A. Wolf is a composer and producer of New Age music with a knack for the instrumental. His latest album, Krakatoa, is named after the famous Indonesian volcano as a symbol of musical creativity that is about to burst. The result is a set of tracks that sparkle with keyboard washes, pristine piano, and a light percussion base indicative of Enigma, Tangerine Dream, and Ronan Hardiman. The only vocals are angelic non-sensical sounds used intermittently throughout the album. The instrumental beat of "No Horizon" is musically boundless and aptly named as no horizon exists in this musical world. The equally enthralling "Distant Lights" is a perfect song and, by accident, a nod to the stellar piano and production work of Ronan Hardiman. "Caldera Sea" is a frothy cauldron of Mediterranean sounds with all the luscious keyboard washes one can handle. "Burnt Orchid" is a more piano-focused song than other tracks on the album. The final track, "Cracking the Mountain", incorporates all the sound effects, washes, vocal 'ahhs', and rhythmic beats inherent in any progressive New Age recording. Krakatoa should 'krak' the top 10 list of any New Age music chart. ~ Matthew Forss

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