Friday, December 17, 2010

CD Review: Solo Kinobe

Leaving The Song Behind
Kinobe Publishing

Uganda's Kinobe is a virtuoso on the kora, kalimba, and harp. The music is crystalline pure and never dull. Kinobe's playing abilities are confirmed with each passing minute and scores of chords. The instrumental music "Ddungu" slides right into the kalimba-led "Omwana Omulungi" with Kinobe's vocals. As a vocalist, Kinobe shows signs of Baaba Maal or Youssou N'Dour. The ten songs are mostly traditional in scope with no signs of modernism anywhere to be found. The harp-led "Lusejjera" is a vocal song about locust infestations. Other songs touch on flutists, fishing, praises for kings, desert skies, hunters, children, and fish. "Mu Ddungu" is the only song replicated on Kinobe's other album, Awamu N'emikwano. Fans of Ugandan music will love it. Also, anyone with a passion for the kalimba, kora, or harp should be satisfied. Do not leave Kinobe behind. ~ Matthew Forss

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