Thursday, August 20, 2015

CD Review: TriBeCaStan's 'Goddess Polka Dottess'

Goddess Polka Dottess

The fifth studio recording from TriBeCaStan is yet another excellent release of truly groovy world music. The group brings in bluegrass, funk, folk, dance, middle eastern, south Asian, jazz, psych, rock, blues, pop, and other elements in magical medley of sounds. Mostly instrumental, Goddess Polka Dottess, is a whimsical title for a relatively straight-forward release, but it is not without it's ups and downs. Importantly, there is nothing bad about this album. In fact, it contains a rousing mix of melodies and rhythms that keeps one on their toes. The bouncy, Balkan-esque waltz, "Zoli's Strut," is an amazing medley of pure dance pleasure. The South Asian-inspired, "Majestic Ganesh," is one of the few vocal tracks on the album. The repertoire brings in a plethora of instruments covering a range of strings, horns, and percussion instruments for a genuine world music blend. The group is spearheaded by John Kruth and Jeff Greene and they provide some production and songwriting credits here. Overall, Goddess Polka Dottess is a great instrumental and vocal (where applicable) album of world music fusion. Try them out today! ~ Matthew Forss

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