Thursday, August 20, 2015

CD Review: Jacob Davich's Self-Titled EP

Jacob Davich
Jacob Davich

A former actor turned musician, Jacob Davich releases a candid five-song EP. Jacob's folksy sing-songwriter guitar and vocals resemble the work of Jim Croce, James Taylor, and David Gray. "Don't Run Don't Hide" is a great roots-driven, folk-centric, and pop-infused medley of throbbing B3, jangly guitars, and swishy percussion. "Call My Name" is a slower, down-tempo ballad with folk and alt-country stylings. "Hold On" is another ballad with introspective lyrics and a jazzy or bluesy musical influence with piano backing and guitar accompaniment. "How You Gonna Tell Me" is a great folk-rock song with a hint of roots-driven qualities from American folk music of the 1960's and 70's. The Dylan cover, "I Shall Be Released," is a bluesy, almost gospel-driven medley of sound reflecting the music of the time that is equally-relevant today. All in all, there are four original tunes and one cover. If you are fans of the above-mentioned artists, you will definitely love Jacob Davich's new EP. Everyone else should pick it up. It's that good. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss

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