Friday, August 21, 2015

CD Review: Vahagni's 'Imagined Frequencies'

Imagined Frequencies

Armenian-born and LA-based, Vahagni is a talented guitarist and composer with an intuitive ability to cross genres and borders with his unique musical style. Vahagni weaves through flamenco, world jazz, classical, folk, and Afro-Spanish worlds via guitars and a range of strings, percussion, and sequencing. The flamenco-induced, "Sketches of Dali," is especially intriguing and upbeat. The Afro-Spanish-influenced, "Hov arek sarer jan," contains soft vocals from Buika for an otherwise Armenian song. The serene melodies are akin to Baaba Maal or other Senegalese performers. Vahagni brings in piano, bass, drums, percussion, blul, duduk, violin, cello, and a few other instruments for an adventurous palette of sound. The dreamy and somewhat pensive, "Pendulum," is ideal for relaxing or dreaming. Over forty-minutes and eleven tracks represent a wide range of music from Vahagni that is highly-praised for good reason. Fans of Matthew Montfort and Lawson Rawlins will enjoy Vahagni. Experience Vahagni's Imagined Frequencies for yourself (and for a friend). ~ Matthew Forss

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