Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CD Review: Terakaft's 'Alone'

Outhere Records

One of Mali's greatest Tuareg blues guitar groups, Terakaft, brings us another gem from the desert. This is the fifth album from Terakaft and it keeps getting better. The soulful and bluesy guitar rhythms are punctuated by hand-claps, ambulating percussion, scintillating guitar strums, and bubbly bass-lines. The music is quite peaceful at times, while the guitar and rock-like arrangements make an appearance on a few of the tracks. The songs are sung in Tamasheq with liner notes in Tamasheq, English, and French. There are nine tunes here with loads of great grooves imbibing the Saharan spirit through mesmerizing guitar chords. The electric guitar sounds are not to be missed. As a total package, Alone is one of the best Tuareg releases of the year. If you seek Tuareg guitar rock and Tamasheq-soaked songs, then Terakaft should be high up on your list. ~ Matthew Forss

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