Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CD Review: Tom Teasley's 'Dreams Of India'

Tom Teasley
Dreams Of India
T & T Music

The DC-area percussion king, Tom Teasley, pounds out beat after beat of incredible instrumental mastery incorporating world percussion and some contemporary electronic embellishments on his latest release, Dreams Of India. The pulsating tracks showcase diverse percussive stylings produced by instruments such as doumbek, alto melodica, tabla, konnakol, bamboo flute, wavedrum, cajon, udu, hang, glockenspiel, cymbal, shakers, kalimba, riq, snare, kanjira, bodhran, and a few others. The mix of wind instruments and percussion instruments provides a great balance between light, dreamy sounds and heavier percussive beats. Still, the music is never over-produced and the sounds are a mix of fusion, new age, and jazz. Yes, there are South Asian influences, but there is also an experimental vein bringing in North American styles to a point. Tom's vocal scat is another percussive instrument that is utilized on a few tracks. Overall, there are cinematic moments, dreamy qualities, and entrancing tunes that are both nostalgic and contemporary. Dreams Of India is the best dream anyone can have! ~ Matthew Forss

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