Friday, June 28, 2013

CD Review: Arlon Bennett's 'World Of Possibility'

Arlon Bennett
World Of Possibility

New York-native, Arlon Bennett is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist with a knack for classic Americana songs steeped in nostalgic settings and contemplative memories about life. Folk music is the primary genre showcased here. The vocals are a bit of James Taylor and the classic Americana songs of Fountains Of Wayne. The slight Paul Simon references are not too far from the truth throughout. "I America" is a harmonica-tinged and guitar-focused song with uppity choruses and harmonic backup vocals. Basically, it is America's soundtrack. "A Friend Of You" contains crisp guitar strums and punchy percussion. "Everything He Says" is an upbeat folk music anthem with catchy melodies and twangy resonances. There is a hint of country music driven by a folk music background. The music is also similar to the so-called 'country music' of contemporary Inuit music performers. Though, Arlon sings songs in English and about events, life, and family in America. Anyone with an interest in clear vocals, folk melodies, and a pop presence should find Arlon Bennett at the top of any listening list. Imagine the possibilities with Arlon Bennett. ~ Matthew Forss 

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