Friday, June 21, 2013

CD Review: Carmen Souza's 'Kachupada'

Carmen Souza

Cape Verde's Carmen Souza brings us an energetic mix of island rhythms and jazz melodies on Kachupada. There are thirteen songs in all, but 'My Favourite Thing' is one of those iconic odes that seems to transcend time and cultures. The fast rhythms and quick vocal tempo changes speed occasionally. However, the jazzy interludes shed some of the indigenous influences at times. Nevertheless, Carmen's voice is still young and fresh with bright elements and embellishments that keep one coming back for more. There are various vocal acrobatics that mimic some of the instrumentation. There are more indigenous elements that are not to be missed. Jazzy outros, folkish displays of fun, and complex textures make it all worth while. Fans of Cape Verde music, Portuguese music, and island rhythms will be especially enlightened by the music of Carmen Souza. ~ Matthew Forss 

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