Sunday, June 23, 2013

CD Review: Elsten Torres' 'Waiting For Clouds'

Elsten Torres
Waiting For Clouds
Real/Artificial Music

The Cuban-born and New York-based singer/songwriter, Elsten Torres, is no stranger to creating pop hooks and rootsy, Americana songs wrapped in an alternative and progressive package that is memorable and catchy. The opener, "A Perfect World," is a melancholic and down-tempo guitar tune with earthy vocals. "Bleeding Hearts Club" is a catchy, roots song with a slight nod back to 1960's and 70's folk music from America's heyday. "Closer Tonight" is a soft ballad that is contemplative, melodic, and classy. "Keep Me Waiting" is an uppity guitar tune with some spunk, yet clearly alternative leanings. The punchy chords and earthy vocals are reminiscent of Springsteen and The Devlins. "Sitting On Your Throne" begins with a poppy opener that is reminiscent of a 1960's pop song, yet with a slight reggae beat. Think of The Wonders from Tom Hanks' film, That Thing You Do!, and the symphonic keyboard stylings of Craig Armstrong. The rootsy, "Through Her Window," is a guitar gem and vocal winner that is an appropriate male counterpart to Shawn Colvin. Fans of good folk, alternative, progressive music with a slight throwback to mid-twentieth century song greatness will understand why Elsten Torres comes in way ahead of the pack. Waiting For Clouds is down-to-earth as it gets. ~ Matthew Forss 

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