Saturday, June 1, 2013

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Women Of Brazil'

Various Artists
Women Of Brazil
Putumayo Records

The breezy and laidback samba, bossa nova, and Latin jazz of Brazil's many ethnic communities comes alive on a classic compilation of new artists and contemporary compositions. The music is characteristically Brazilian, which does not include electronic, techno, rock, or dance-type musical styles. Fans of traditional music will love the new Putumayo release. You will hear new music from Nossa Alma Canta, Graca Cunha, Clara Moreno, Flavia Coelho, Maguinha, Aline Morales, Luisa Maita, Juliana Kehl, Mart'nalia, Miriam Aida, and Miriam Maria. Anyone familiar with South American music that incorporates jazz elements and a few delicate electronic embellishments will desire the Women Of Brazil with open ears. ~ Matthew Forss

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