Sunday, June 23, 2013

CD Review: SoCorpo's 'Inelement'

Ears Wide Open Records

The new age music maestros, Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Sabrina Lastman, conjure up images of a natural world bombarded by otherworldly vocals, sounds, and arrangements that are as historic as they are futuristic. The melee of music is accomplished with autoharp, bowed psaltery, mbira, and other electronics. The metallic, punchy, and tinny sounds are processed and reinvented for a different affect overall. The songs are very creative and vocal. The vocals are not very traditional, yet they represent a variety of singing traditions that are angelic, abrupt, and varied. Think of the Squonk Opera meets a Mongolian throat-singing group, while on tour with Kristi Stassinopolou. The wide array of sounds are sometimes reserved to allow the vocals prime-time coverage. Anyone familiar with Scandinavian singing traditions stemming from related Inuit song types will especially love the music of SoCorpo. Everyone else may enjoy the tunes as a more experimental project. ~ Matthew Forss

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