Friday, June 21, 2013

CD Review: Joy Dunlop's 'Faileasan'

Joy Dunlop
Hearth Music

Scotland's Joy Dunlop combines vibrant, Gaelic vocals a slew of folk instruments and whirling rhythms that are bright, edgy, and historic. The quick vocals are quite fitting with other Gaelic performers, including Julie Fowlis. There are fiddles, pipes, whistles, piano, drums, percussion, and other instruments and sounds on Joy's newest release, Faileasan, which means, 'reflections.' There are slower tunes, such as "Eilean Luinn" and "Cumha Chailein Ghlinn Lubhair," as well as energetic tunes, like "Puirt A Beul Earraghaidhealach" and "S Daor A Cheannaich Mi 'Phog". Joy's angelic vocals carry the songs into very relaxing worlds of comfort and solitude. There are traditional themes here, but the songs are created for today. There are vocal traditions indicative of Inuit, joik, and Inner Asian derivatives. Importantly, this recording is made in Scotland and it does not steer too far away from that tradition. There are eleven songs total. Yes, the music is as beautiful as Joy. ~ Matthew Forss

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