Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Review: Marvellous Sounds of Mbira

Solomon Murungu
Spirit of Zambuko: Liturgy & Reflections of Mbira
Independent Release

The mbira, otherwise known as the thumb piano, is the chief instrument in traditional Zimbabwean music. Solomon Murungu brings us the music of the mbira without additional instrumentation or vocal accompaniment. Consequently, the listener becomes encapsulated and entranced in the sparkling, metallic tones of the mbira's keys. With every listen, the tracks provide cyclic rhythm patterns that showcase the Shona spirit. In essence, Solomon's playing technique is traditional and improvisational, but it clearly reflects the spiritual connection between symbolism and realism. 6 long tracks feature the mbira instrument. In addition, an extensive booklet details the stories surrounding each track. A pleasant and high-quality recording for everyone! ~ Matthew Forss

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