Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Review: The Sun Shines on Sekou Keita

Seckou Keita SKQ
The Silimbo Passage
World Artventures

The Silimbo Passage is the new album from Senegalese-kora master, Seckou Keita and his quartet. Silimbo, which means 'sunrise', is a fitting title to a bright and cheery musical exploration through vocal and instrumental elements. The kora has been a celebrated instrument for ages, and is usually prevalent in many west African ensembles. The wide-ranging influences on Silimbo come from funk, jazz, Arabic, and Francophonic musical genres. Yet, the Seckou Keita Quartet forms today's music with historical connections. The result is an impressive array of musicianship and delightful melodies and rhythms. The kora is the lead instrument, followed by percussion, bass, and voice. Nevertheless, Seckou Keita & Company bring us refreshing tunes that energize any mood. The beautiful harmonies, solo vocals, percussion, funky kora tunings, and additional accompaniment makes each listen as enjoyable as the first. ~ Matthew Forss

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