Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Review: Sultry Voice of Anath

Red Lullaby

The geographic origins of Anath cover Tunisia, Israel, France, Chile and New York. Consequently, Anath's cross-cultural upbringing is an integral component of her music, though primarily Western in sound. On Rapture, the tracks are fairly modern, with electronic beats, drums, guitars, keyboards, and vocals. Anath's sultry vocals and jazzy-downtempo compositions provides a unique listening experience. 'Little Girl' and 'Gotta See The Sun' are more upbeat pop hits. Though, Rapture's song repertoire includes only four original compositions by Anath and a cover of Blondie's song, 'Rapture'. If you are searching for a fresh voice that transcends North African or Francophone description, then Anath should be in your playlist. ~ Matthew Forss

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mataram323 said...

Riad is a true gem. Enjoy!