Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Review: 'Longing' for Elisete

Gaagua (Longing)
IMP Records

If anyone could pull off a trans-cultural release of music melding the sounds of Brazil with Hebrew linguistics, then Elisete is sure to pave an inspirational path to greatness. Born in Brazil and now living in Israel, Elisete certainly eschews the rhythms of Brazil and Portugal. The opening track sounds like a fuzzy radio introduction that quickly tosses us into Elisete's musical world. In order to describe the music, one need not be an expert on Brazilian or Israel music. In fact, Elisete's breezy rhythms and fun vocals should put everyone in a very happy mood. The music reminds me of contemporary pop music from West Africa, France, South America, and the Cape Verde islands. Consequently, Elisete's global appeal brings together music across oceans and continents. This is what makes Gaagua so enthralling. Some of the musical elements resemble funky-rumba and even downbeat with a hint of reggae. Though -- one thing is for sure -- Elisete's music is uniquely her own. Similar artists include Natalia Clavier (Argentina), Daby Toure (Mauritania), and Nuklearte (Italy). Also available by Elisete: Remixes (2007) and Luar e Cafe (2004).

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