Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Review: The (electro)-Cafe Svetlana

Cafe Svetlana
Essay Recordings

The electro-Balkan tunes of producer and DJ Ahilea Durcovski has brought out the best tracks for lounging, dancing, and everything else in between. A mix of male and female vocals accompany the downbeat, Balkan tracks. A hint of Klezmer brass and Transylvanian folk permeates the album. The groovy beat of 'O Mangas' is reminiscent of something recorded by the folks at the Sublime Frequencies label. This is modern folk music with an electronic backbone. In fact, the name Cafe Svetlana is taken from a legendary musical club of the same name in Vienna. Thanks to Ahilea, the secretive music of Cafe Svetlana is now a global presence. The instrumental beats are quite infectious and never dull or flat. This is adventurous music for the adventurous listener. Clearly, one of the best recordings of 2009! ~ Matthew Forss

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