Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Review: Mali's Abdoulaye Djoss Diabate

Abdoulaye Djoss Diabate
Mulatta Records

An ambassador of Malian music, Abdoulaye Diabate looks for musical inspiration from his ancestral lineage. The Griot tradition has been one of the most recognizable exports of African musical commodity. Abdoulaye's vocals and instrumentation resembles the contemporary sounds of Zimbabwean or Central African music. In a way, Abdoulaye's Malian heritage has been passed down from generations, and Abdoulaye respectfully creates a magical, musical idiom. The instrumentation repertoire is quite engaging. The balafon, calabash, flute, kora, and other percussion permeate the celebratory tracks. Lyrically, the songs include tales of love, praise, society, children, and tolerance of working in establishments and clubs that serve alcohol. Sara comes from a song of the same name about a bride that does not want to be in an arranged marriage. Overall, Sara is a strong recording with good vocals, instrumentation, and catchy tunes. ~ Matthew Forss

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Tom said...

Actually, the song 'Minfen' is not a drinking song in the usual sense. Its a song about tolerence for different customs and habits, inspired by the experience of a non-drinking Muslim having to perform in clubs where acohol is served.