Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Review: Tibet's New Voice

Namgyal Lhamo
Silk Road Productions

Appropriately titled, Pure is a masterful display of vocal prowess and sensual instrumental sensibilities. Namgyal's voice is filled with emotion and a high degree of fluidity. In short, it is a perfect accompaniment to the dulcimer-like instrument, plucked lute and atmospheric elements. There are two instrumental tracks that should satisfy anyone interested in Central Asian and Chinese folk music. Additionally, a 16th and 17th century song conveys the traditional spirit of Tibet's distant past. Even though Namgyal lives in the Netherlands, her voice and spirit are still in Tibet. Anyone familiar with Yungchen Lhamo or Kelsang Tethong will thoroughly enjoy all three of Namgyal's available recordings. Pure is slightly more traditional than The Enchanted Land... album. Nevertheless, make an effort to acquire this contemplative and moving album of Tibetan music. ~ Matthew Forss

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