Monday, April 27, 2009

CD Review: Tibet's Trip-Hop Temptress

Namgyal Lhamo
The Enchanted Land...
Silk Road Communications

The Heavenly-voice of Namgyal Lhamo is as majestic at the Himalayan range of her Tibetan homeland. This is a contemporary release of piano infusions, electronic trip-hop elements, and atmospheric washes of light, sound, and color. The Enchanted Land... is a work of incredible creativity and artistic direction. The traditional background of the music is brought into the forefront through Namgyal's Tibetan vocals. Yet, the lack of traditional instrumentation does not spoil the musicality of Namgyal's music. Yes, there are classical comparisons, but also folk, jazz, and trip-hop. Though, it may be a stretch to point out similarities in musicianship to the group Enigma, but it's not too difficult to believe. Most of the tunes are musically engaging with a good dose of abstractiveness for the listener. This is ideal for the global music fans that follow anything by Ronan Hardiman (Ireland) and Nuklearte (Italy). Experience transcendence today! ~ Matthew Forss

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