Friday, September 18, 2009

CD Review: Guinea's Sia Tolno

Eh Sanga

Guinea's Sia Tolno is a shining star coming out of West Africa. Her vocals are strong, sultry, and distinctly African. Drawing from comparisons to Benin's Angelique Kidjo and the late-Miriam Makeba, Sia incorporates pop rhythms with indigenous instrumentation and jazzy beats and backup singers. The album was recorded in Cuba, Paris, and Conakry. The transglobal recording environments certainly influenced the music, as Latin rhythms, Lusophone cafe sounds, and African pop beats permeate the album. Sia sings in English, French, and a mix of Kissi or Pular languages. The opening track, "African Dreams", sets the stage for the rest of the tracks. Essentially, it is an ode to Mother Africa. Fans of West African music should check out Sia today! ~ Matthew Forss

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