Friday, September 18, 2009

CD Review: Music from The Green Vine

The Green VineAdd Image
Independent Release

35th Parallel's 2003 release, The Green Vine, weaves through and within the world's great musical cultures. In fact, the band's name comes from the latitude of intersecting musical regions that heavily influence their music. 35th Parallel is based in Vermont, right down the road from my alma mater, Goddard College, where Mac Ritchey and Gabe Hallberg create a fusion of music from the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and North India. The entirely instrumental release features sounds on the oud, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, didjeridoo, gongs, tablas, pakhawaj, tar, tamboura, and electronic accompaniment. The tracks are never busy or overdone. Some tracks are attributed to guest musicians Mohammad Omar and Aziz Herawi) or historical figures (Gomidas) in music. Each track reveals a different musical journey, which is always surprising and fresh. The 35th Parallel is not that far away. Hear it today. ~ Matthew Forss

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