Friday, October 30, 2009

CD Review: Cesaria Evora

Nha Sentimento

The infatigable queen of Cape Verde music is back again with Nha Sentimento. Cesaria Evora has released countless albums over the years, and this one continues her legacy in the world of contemporary Cape Verde music. Cesaria sings primarily catchy dance-floor type songs called coladeras, while leaving her more iconic blues style (morna) on the back burner. Classic melodies, jazzy percussion, and Afro-Caribbean tones accompany Cesaria Evora's unmistakable voice. Fourteen tracks cover nostalgic songs of joy, tranquility, sadness, and optimism. Back-up vocals and earthy percussion are reminiscent of one's feet shuffling about a dance floor. Nha Sentimento is another fine selection of music from the mouth of Cesaria Evora. ~ Matthew Forss

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