Sunday, October 25, 2009

CD Review: Jace Everett's Red Revelations

Red Revelations

Jace Everett (USA) is probably best known for his song, "Bad Things", on HBO's hit show True Blood. However, Jace is no one hit wonder here. From the opening song, 'Possession', Jace explores original songs of a bluesy-gritty-Western sound uniquely his own. Essentially, the sound is similar in tone with Chris Isaak. Still, Jace's songs are grittier with a hint of classic country and Southern soul. The instrument repertoire consists of drums, bass, guitar, mandolin, piano, mellotron, vibes, moog, bells, and back-up vocals. Jace is the lead acoustic guitarist and vocalist. Overall, Red Revelations is a darkly-tinged hour of creative wonder that leaves every listener feeling happy and content. Keep it up, Jace! ~ Matthew Forss

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