Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CD Review: BalkanBeats From German/Bosnian Beatmaster Robert Soko

Various Artists
BalkanBeats: A Night In Berlin

BalkanBeats' brainchild, Robert Soko, is the originator and ambassador of the best Balkan beats organized in Germany. Robert Soko includes tracks by some of the most popular groups of gypsy, Balkan, and Rom music today. Boban and Marko Markovic, Vrelo, Kal, Ahilea, Magnifico, Al Jawala, and other musicians are included on this release. Some of the tracks feature vocals in English, Turkish, Slovak, Romany, Lari, Hungarian, German, Czech, Russian, Serbian, and Slovak languages. This attests to the widespread Balkan diaspora. As an added bonus, the CD includes a full-artist information file and slideshow when placed in a CD-ROM. The pulsating, gyrating, and funky brass beats ignite a high-danceability index. Piranha has yet again produced another amazing Balkan beat album for all to enjoy. ~ Matthew Forss

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