Saturday, January 16, 2010

CD Review: Move Over Lady Gaga...Shaheen Sheik Is Here

Independent Release

Based in Los Angeles, Shaheen is a singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer that has ancestral roots back in India. Shaheen's music is highly contemporary and borders on lounge jazz, trip-hop, dance, electronica, hip hop, and pop. However, the music is not filled with over-the-top electronics and heavy, pulsating drum beats to bore you beyond belief. Revolution is an organic and satisfying experience for the casual listener of Indian (South Asian) American music. There are slow, trippy-beats throughout, Macy Gray-like grooves on the song 'Revolution', jazzy-dance-funkiness on 'Coconut', hip-hop ladened 'Here We Go', and the danceable 'Elevate'. In short, there are beats, sounds, and lyrics for everyone. Shaheen sings in English with a few words in Hindi. Move over Lady Gaga...there is a new girl in town and her name is Shaheen Sheik. ~ Matthew Forss

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