Sunday, January 10, 2010

CD Review: Look To The Sky For Brazil's Ceu


The lounge jazz rhythms of Brazil's Ceu is poignantly captured on her latest release, Vagarosa. The album's titled, which is translated as "leisurely", is a perfect summarization of the musical style. Ceu's songs incorporate a slight trip-hop beat, electronic undertones, bossa-nova, and 1960's psychedelica. The lounge and trip-hop rhythms are particularly evident on "Grains De Beaute" and "Ponteiro". In fact, these abovementioned tracks are closely aligned with some of the music of similar groups, such as Zero 7, Air, and Hooverphonic. Ceu's crystalline vocals shine bright and fly high throughout. Interestingly, Ceu's Portuguese name means "sky" or "heaven", which appropriately represents the far-reaching capabilities of her music. In effect, Ceu's songs seem to emanate from an otherworldly source, as they are the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear on Earth. Next time you are in the mood for a slow or leisurely journey, remember to let Ceu be your guide. ~ Matthew Forss

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