Friday, April 16, 2010

CD Review: California's 'Very Be Careful'

Escape Room

The L.A.-based Colombian-American band, Very Be Careful, is a group of vallenato and cumbia influenced musicians with an assortment of traditional instruments, including guacharacas, cowbells, caja vallenatas, and accordions. The bass also makes an appearance. Don't let the accordion-toting Ricardo Guzman fool you into thinking this is a polka party. Yet, there is a party element here, but it's not German. If you combined South American beat-jazz with progressive, punk-folk, then you have the gist of Escape Room. Each track captures the rich, musical textures of Colombian folk music in voice and song. Escape Room contains two tracks by other musicians, including Calixto Ochoa and Abel Antonio Villa. There is a pervasive, groovy, trance-like beat that permeates each song. Their music is great for parties and having fun. ~ Matthew Forss

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