Sunday, August 15, 2010

CD Review: Senegal's Carlou D

Carlou D

Senegalese musician, Carlou D, is a fixture in the Dakar music scene. A vocalist and guitarist, Carlou D provides a young, hip voice in the West African music arena. His latest release, Muzikr, is so-named for its reference to music (mu-) and Islamic/Sufi ties (-zikr). This is not your typical traditional Sufi music chants or rock/hip hop album. It is catchy, contemporary music with a variety of instrumentation including bass, kora, ngoni, keyboards, drums, sax, and other instruments. The music is pleasant to listen to and each track is noticeably different. A familiar voice to many, Youssou N'Dour, lends his voice on track six. Overall, Muzikr can be appropriately categorized as a new genre of contemporary West African Islamic pop music. Whatever you call it, Carlou D will move you, inspire you, and make you think. It is very good 'muzik'. The liner notes provide song summaries in English and French. ~ Matthew Forss

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