Monday, May 30, 2011

CD Review: Anne Mette Iversen Quartet - Milo Songs

Milo Songs

The soothing and imaginative sounds of the instrumental Anne Mette Iversen Quartet expects to turn heads with a reflective album of tunes inspired by the melodies of Anne Mette Iversen's boy named Milo. Anne plays the bass, while John Ellis plays tenor sax and clarinet, and Danny Grissett plays piano. Otis Brown III plays drums & cymbals for a splash of percussion. Milo Songs is an ode to Anne's son, which reflects the playful, yet slightly mature compositions. This is perfect music for lounging, reading, or dining. Seven tracks and nearly 50 minutes later, the music still resounds with intrigue and awe. Though, vocals are not present. However, Milo Songs was meant to be instrumental from the time Anne's boy came up with creative melodies at the tender young age of two. For a great listening journey, Milo Songs delivers with pinpoint accuracy and an infectious charisma. ~ Matthew Forss

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