Friday, May 6, 2011

CD Review: Laura Ros' 'Del Aire'

Del Aire


Argentina's Laura Ros is a talented singer and songwriter with a flamboyant lyrical flair and spicy instrumental arrangements. Laura's voice is a mix of Ceu and Lila Downs put together. As a South American singer, Laura incorporates a variety of contemporary influences from singers in Brazil, Latin America, and her homeland of Argentina. Thirteen compositions with a mix of folk and modern arrangements provide an accessible and fun recording. Fans of Argentinian music will be disappointed if they are seeking an album of accordion or bandoneon music. However, the accordion or bandoneon does make an appearance on a few tracks. 'Sueno Infinito' is an especially catchy track with a folksy-rock beat. As a whole, Del Aire is an album with a classic mix of strings, folk music, modern pop, jazz, and South American percussion in all the right proportions to drive anyone wild with happiness. ~ Matthew Forss

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