Friday, May 6, 2011

CD Review: Finland's Kaivama


Independent Release

Finland's long line of fiddlers and fiddling history is not solely confined within the country's borders. In fact, the U.S. contains sizable Finnish populations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Moreover, Kaivama is based out of Minneapolis, MN. The duo of Sara Pajunen and Jonathan Rundman provide the musical accompaniment on violin, piano, percussive keys, guitar, harmonium, electric piano, banjo, organ, mandolin, and voice. The fine Finnish fiddling is a nothing more than half a step away from Frigg and the Gypsy stylings of Taraf de Haidouks. Of course, there are the more solemn, classic tunes, such as 'Roros' and 'Chicago Waltz.' More energetic folk-guitar-fiddle tunes such as 'Sulo' and 'Schottische 150' represent a modern move into the world of Finnish music. Fans of JPP, Sattuma, Troka, Frigg, and instrumental folk music will love Kaivama's debut release and welcome it with open strings...I mean arms. ~ Matthew Forss


Unknown said...

A truly amazing album! Lush, beautiful and fun all at once. Has been in my CD player for 2 weeks non- stop.
Thank you Kaivama for making such lovely music!

Nancy said...

This is a "feel good" album, with just enough melancholy to satisfy my Finnishness! Talent and originality,yes! Let's have more!