Sunday, June 17, 2012

CD Review: Kelly Padrick's 'Soulmate'

Kelly Padrick

The Providence, Rhode Island-born electronica temptress, Kelly Padrick, flexes her angelic wings on this dreamy, gritty, and laid-back recording of heavenly noise. Kelly's down-tempo grooves and sweet vocals are backed by a little keyboard tones, acoustic guitar, lilting percussion, and cinematic string sounds. The effect is similar to anything laid-back by Lolo, Katie Melua, or Hooverphonic. The opening crystalline tones, scattered percussion, and electronic ambiance of the first track, "Piercing," is only some of what Kelly Padrick is all about. The bluesy, gritty, and Western-tinged electronica tune, "Tangled Forest," is something that one would likely hear in the opening sequences of HBO's True Blood, but this is only a comparison, as Kelly does not have any connection with the show. At any rate, "This Time" contains a breakbeat sound that is quite acoustic and groundbreaking with a slight dance tone and full cinematic beauty. "So Long" opens with a bit of acoustic guitar, which is a small departure from the other songs. This is more of a drawn out acoustic guitar song with some electronic pings, washes, and fluctuations. The eleven songs are perfect for the down-tempo, lounge, and trip-hop music fan. I give it five stars out of five. ~ Matthew Forss

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