Thursday, June 28, 2012

CD Review: MC Yogi & The Sacred Sound Society's 'Pilgrimage'

MC Yogi & The Sacred Sound Society
Mindful Talent/White Swan Records

MC Yogi lights up the charts with blissful banter that is performed in the style of hip hop, rap, urban, and South Asian-inspired styles. The largely contemporary work contains a plethora of genres, including dance, electronica, street music, rap, rock, hip hop, klezmer, and pop with a nice dose of jazz. The music is similar in tone to the Beastie Boys--if they were yogis. At any rate, the electronic wizardry, record scratches, boisterous horns, rock drum-kits, and harmonium-inspired melodies create an energetic appeal to young yogis the world over. The incredibly catchy and divine "Jai Sita Ram" contains a steady, but slow beat with Sanskrit vocals and a droning harmonium. There are nineteen incredible tracks with lovely flutes, percussion, urban jingles, and danceable riffs that are sure to awaken anyone's darkened soul. Let MC Yogi & The Sacred Sound Society lead you on the path to enlightenment with their latest, poignantly-titled devotion--Pilgrimage. ~ Matthew Forss

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