Thursday, June 28, 2012

CD Review: Will Magid's 'Midnight High'

Will Magid
Midnight High
Happy Rabbit Music

Will Magid is a music producer and trumpeter with an educated development and understanding of world music, jazz, electronica, and dance music. The Afro-Cuban swing elements of "Cuban Swing," are sure to amaze fans of Afro-Cuban music. The instrumental song is jazzy and classy. "The Box" is a jazzy romp toward heaven with vocals by Iggy Mon, Ezekiel McCarter, and guitar/bass by Joe McGuire. The funky, classy, and jazzy tune contains wailing trumpet work, too. "Love Step" is Will's attempt to experiment with Balkan Brass and electronica. Thankfully, Will succeeds admirably with characteristic brass sounds and a giddy melody with sketchy, brushy, and static-driven noises accompanying the percussion. "Ghanaian Pavane" may be titled for a funeral, but the music is down-tempo and atmospheric all the way. "Brown Paper Bag" is a lightly percussive tune with a folksy tune and playful ambiance in the vein of Paul Simon's world music leanings. Fans of adventurous trumpet music from around the world should add Will Magid to their list of listening pleasure. ~ Matthew Forss

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