Thursday, January 31, 2013

CD Review: Jeff Clark's 'Just Visiting'

Jeff Clark
Just Visiting

The Texas-based vocalist and guitarist, Jeff Clark, brings us groovy Southern tunes with gritty guitars and crystalline pop melodies that are reminiscent of classic folk-rock anthems. The dozen tunes represent a catchy musical masterpiece echoing America's hey-day of easy listening magnificence. "You Are My Life" is a classy vocal and guitar tune with great percussion and sparkling sounds. "Mamie Mama" is a grungy and squawky-guitar driven track that represents a solid rock base with some electronic additions. "25 Years Later" is a classic 1970's American folk song made for today. The light percussion and slightly giddy melody combine with male and female vocals to make a memorable tune come alive with creative charm. The mix of grungy and gritty guitars with classy folk vocals and Southern spunk make Just Visiting something that will be around for a long time. There is a nice balance of gritty rock with classic American folk fusion that is sure to be a hit with adventurous Southern rock fans everywhere. ~ Matthew Forss 

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