Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CD Review: Lise Lunde Brennhagen's 'Kjeringe i snodrevet'

Lise Lunde Brennhagen
Kjeringe i snodrevet
Etnisk Musikklubb

Norway’s Lise Lunde Brennhagen plays the langeleik, which is a traditional zither instrument with a long resonating box, one melodic string, and up to seven drone strings. The instrument is strummed with a plectrum. The sound produced is akin to a psaltery, dulcimer, and kantele. The melodies are entirely instrumental and feature only the langeleik. The twenty songs are rather short, but that does not diminish the fine result. Anyone with an interest in Scandinavian instrumental music, harp music, kora music, and most of all, langeleik fans, will get the most out of this recording. It is time to experience the wonderful music of an ancient and seldom-heard instrument. ~ Matthew Forss

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