Friday, May 31, 2013

CD Review: Chase Enriquez's ''Til The Flame Burns Out'

Chase Enriquez
'Til The Flame Burns Out
We Group

If you are seeking alternative hip/hop and rap music, Chase Enriquez should be at the top of your search list. Fortunately, one need not struggle to find the high points of this album. Every song seems to awaken the spirit with vibrant riffs, hooks, and licks. The more rock-driven, "Tell My Why," is more indicative of an alternative track over a hip-hop medley. "Night On Fire" opens with an electronic shower of sparks and synth medleys that delve right into a booming, bass-driven song with hot hip-hop lyrics and rap instrumentals. The richly-textured track contains gritty vocals that are uptempo, but not too fast they are indistinguishable. The sound is indicative of Sudan's Emmanuel Jal. Though, all the lyrics on 'Til The Flame Burns Out are in English. "In The Wind" starts with a few keyboard washes and tapping percussion sounds. The rap instrumentals back the edgy vocals and rock-like foundation. "All The Way" opens with a shout and symphonic string arrangements and loud, rock instrumental backing that is very cinematic, but in your face. This is rap and hip hop with attitude, but nothing that is too showy or overdone. It's nice to have some musical accompaniment with the vocals. Chase Enriquez is a talented performer and composer that should not be missed if you like urban, rap, and hip hop music. ~ Matthew Forss

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Thank you for checking out the album and reviewing it!!