Friday, May 31, 2013

CD Review: Scott Krokoff's 'Realizations & Declarations Vol. 1'

Scott Krokoff
Realizations & Declarations Vol. 1
Hypochondriac Records

New York lawyer and singer, Scott Krokoff, takes a lawful approach to upbeat folk rock/pop songs on his latest release, Realizations & Declarations Vol. 1. The folk music is pop-driven with catchy rhythms and melodies, and roots-driven with throbbing B3-type sounds. "What The Hell" starts out with a light guitar tune that is joined with drums, bass, and Scott's folksy vocals. The reverberating sounds are iconic and giddy. "Closed" contains a good, roots-driven tune with good rock progression and alt-folk goodness. "I Know Your Story" is an upbeat song with clear vocals and pop hooks that will grab you and never let go. "A Better Life" is a more acoustic-driven song early on, but the tune picks up a more rock vein with B3 sounds and an electric guitar. There are eight tracks in all, but "What The Hell" appears twice: as an acoustic and standard track. All of the songs emanate a sense of folk/rock with good clear vocals and infectious hooks. Think of The Gufs meets Venice and The Mysteries Of Life. ~ Matthew Forss 

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