Friday, May 31, 2013

CD Review: Greater Alexander's 'Positive Love'

Greater Alexander
Positive Love
Greater Records

New York-born, Greece-raised, and currently located in Michigan, Greater Alexander (Alexander Vlachos) brings us scintillating folk tunes with classy guitar stylings and various instruments that come together to form an engaging type of music. Greater Alexander's vocals are akin to Jack Johnson and Paul Simon. Moreover, the musical arrangements are not too unlike the aforementioned musicians. The sweeping folk guitar tune, "Baby Steps," contains a steady beat and wistful vocals that are free-flowing. "Feel Of Summer" is another breezy and sauntering tune on guitar. The acoustic guitar is refreshing and sparkles with folksy charm. Moreover, the whistle medley is another sign of folk-isms winning out. "Everlasting" incorporates a little piano accompaniment with backup vocals and wispy lead vocals that are soft and light throughout. "Let It Be Me" is another fun song with acoustic guitar-driven elements and vocals akin to Australia's Xavier Rudd. Twelve songs in all are included on the album and all of them fit a folksy vein. Part of the folksy fusion could be due to the global influences. Anyone familiar with Jack Johnson, Xavier Rudd, Paul Simon, and similar artists will love Greater Alexander. ~ Matthew Forss

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Greater Alexander said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and post your thoughts on the album. I appreciate you!