Saturday, December 7, 2013

CD Review: Anna Hoffman & Romancero Sefardi's 'Juego de Siempre'

Anna Hoffman & Romancero Sefardi
Juego de Siempre
Sketis Music

Sung in Ladino, the language of Sephardic Jews, Anna Hoffman & Romancero Sefardi bring us a dozen sensual and emotive tracks with vibrant voice, percussion, and other assorted instrumentation. Anna is the vocalist, but she is joined by a plethora of instrumentalists skilled on guitars, kalimba, table, oud, saz, buzuki, sax, trumpet, tabla, santur, daff, riqq, udu, violin, rabab, and others. The musical repertoire is slow, sauntering, and utterly provocative for the senses. The melody and rhythm is chiefly Sephardic with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern elements abounding. The emotive vocal delivery, jazzy horns, and meandering percussion and strings makes it an ideal album for fans of Sephardic, Jewish, Spanish, and Middle Eastern music. Anna's voice is timeless. The time is now to hear it. ~ Matthew Forss

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