Saturday, December 7, 2013

CD Review: Kevin Seddiki and Bijan Chemirani's 'Imaginarium'

Kevin Seddiki and Bijan Chemirani
World Village

With ties to France and Iran, Kevin Seddiki and Bijan Chemirani know how to bring us candid, pleasant, and globally-inspired, acoustic music. Kevin is a guitarist, percussionist, and zarb player. Bijan is also a percussionist with specialties in zarb, daf, udu, saz, and others. The thirteen tracks reflect an instrumental blend of Mediterranean, North African, and Central Asian melodies that are very ear-pleasing, while some are quite catchy. The casual music is imaginative, which probably stems from the aptly-titled album name. There are plenty of sonic embellishments that are experimental, creative, and visionary. There are some fast vocals on "On Saturn's Rings." Otherwise, the album is virtually void of vocals. The light music is perfect for relaxing, cafes, and lounging. Kevin and Bijan are truly inventors of a global sound that is anything but dull. ~ Matthew Forss

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