Saturday, December 7, 2013

CD Review: Dmitry Novokolsky and Yury Krivoshein's 'That Job Is Over'

Dmitry Novokolsky and Yury Krivoshein
That Job Is Over
Sketis Music

Lead singer, guitarist, harmonica player, and percussionist, Dmitry Novokolsky, joins Yury Krivoshein--another talented guitarist with bass, keyboard, and programming skills. The Russian duo perform English-lyric songs with an Americana, bluegrass, country, and folk edge. The thirteen songs feel more like an American experiment than a truly Russian compilation. At any rate, the swinging, bluesy, and folksy tunes are catchy, classy, and creative. Some of the songs include "Cotton Joe From New Orleans," "Still A Rambler," "Gimme Some Gumbo," "This Blues Is Real," and "That Job Is Over." It is easy to see why fans of classic Americana music will love it. Hopefully, others will love it, too. This is the way country music should sound. ~ Matthew Forss

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