Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CD Review: Ljom's 'Seterkauk'

Kirkelig Kulturverksted 

The Norwegian-based group, Ljom, releases their newest album, Seterkauk, which concentrates its energy on cow call songs from Norway's past and present. The swirling songs are steeped in romantic folk rhythms and melodies with spritely vocals and heady arrangements. The group employs a bass, guitar, cello, piano, synth, clarinet, and other instruments, but the voice is the real instrument. Kjerst Kveli is the chief vocalist with a stark ability to evoke tons of emotion packed into a single verse. There is even a sweeping piano tune, "Bennykauken," that contains a bit of a jazzy elegance. At any rate, Ljom presents us with an interesting, relaxing, and contemporary journey into the cow call songs of Norway with ever having to leave our house. Well, you might have to leave at least once to buy the album, unless you get it online. High praise for folk, jazz, and new age sounds from yet another fine release on KKV. ~ Matthew Forss

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